There are many different types of hoses on the market today, but as far as your RV water hose is concerned, you want to get one that is safe to use for drinking water. Hoses that are safe to use for your drinking water supply are usually white or have something printed on the label that states it is safe to use for drinking water. That means that most (green) garden hoses are out.

Pro Tip: Never use your fresh water hose for anything else other than filling your fresh water tank. Remember that the water that goes through that hose will be the water you could be drinking or cooking with.

Pro Tip #2: The Zero G are expetional for any type hose!  They are high quality, don’t kink, easily store and don’t weigh much.   

Teknor Apex Zero-G is traditionally marketed as a garden style hose, but it’s HIGHLY recommended for RV and Marine applications.  They are Lead-free for safe drinking, abrasion, leak & puncture resistant with burst rating of 600+ PSI.  We keep two of these and they are lightweight, built well, roll up and store nicely.

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