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RV Surge Protector for 5th Wheels and Travel Trailers

RV surge protection is important if you frequently connect to untested power sources.  Before shore power enters your rig, an RV surge protector tracks the power supply from any electrical anomalies.

Not all power poles are created equal when it comes to RV surge protection.

Power posts in RV parks are sometimes “known” for having issues.  Quite often, you might find poor connections, power surges, or excessively worn equipment.  We typically check our power first before anything else to make sure it is good. Having a quick, safe, and reliable means to checking power quality is invaluable (especially if you full-time).  Some RVs come equipped with onboard surge protection, but in many cases, most TT’s and 5th Wheels do not.  Surge protection should be considered one of the most ESSENTIAL items to buy when gearing out your RV.

RV surge protection with on-screen monitoring is helpful.

After much research, we went with the Southwire Black 34950 Surge Guard 50A-Full Protection Portable with LCD Display. While this unit cost a little more than others, we decided some of the advanced features it offers were worth the price for us.

One YouTuber who helped with our decision was TechnoRV.   Check out his very informative video below, and please support them here:

Surge Guard 34950 Total Electrical Protection System

Surge Guard released a new Total Electrical Protection System in February 2018. The 50A version (34950) has the highest level of protection you can get in an ...

This surge protector has been flawless since we purchased it.

I once heard someone say: “You put a $100 surge protector on your $500 TV why would you not protect your $50k RV for $300?”  Makes sense right?

After it’s all said and done, I’m glad I invested .4% of my “total RV cost” in protecting thousands of dollars in electronics.   These surge protectors come in both 50A and 30A.

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The quality of RV park power sources’ can vary, so you have to take the appropriate precautions to ensure that your RV only gets clean, functional power when it is plugged in. It not only makes sense to invest in a quality product that protects your RV from power problems, but it is also a must-have before you start any RV adventure.

While an RV surge protector can cost more upfront, it has to operate only once to earn its keep. A poor supply of electricity will result in thousands of dollars in damage to your RV and weeks of downtime.

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