RV Fire Safety and Prevention

Motorhome Fire Safety and Prevention

Gary Bunzer, the RV Doctor, discusses fire prevention tips for motorhome owners, the various types of fire extinguishers, and the types/classes of fires. This is a ...

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Each year, an estimated 6,000 fires occur in RVs, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Among the most common areas for fires to start are the kitchen, the engine area and the wheel area.

However, taking some simple precautions, such as keeping up with maintenance schedules and being mindful of hazards, can help keep you and your family safe—and help ensure that your RV stays in good condition.

Pro Tip:  Your RV should come with at least one smoke/carbon/propane detector and one extinguisher.  Pick up an extra extinguisher (or two) and smoke/fire detector to put at the opposite end of your RV from where the factory one is installed.  

Pro Tip #2:  Teach everyone traveling with you how to use your fire extinguishers. Kids included!  

Fire Extinguishers:  We keep two in the RV – one at the front door and one in the area farthest away from the door.  We also keep one in the bed of our travel vehicle.  Whether it’s something on fire in the RV or around our camp, we can easily access an extinguisher anytime.

Smoke/Fire Detectors:  RV fires burn extremely quick and hot.  Having a redundant way to detect smoke or heat is worth it for just a few dollars.



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